Lowes Second Generation Iris System a Flop

From a recent article review on CNET

“On paper, Iris by Lowe’s handled the transition from the first to the second generation of the company’s smart home system well. Iris took note of the problems with generation one, and promised faster response time, easier device pairing, and more robust app controls. The company even offered existing customers a free upgrade to the $60 next-gen hub along with a migration tool to help with the transition.”


“Transition issues aside, Lowe’s Iris generation two doesn’t hold up on its own merits as a good smart-home system. It is more responsive, but using the app is tedious and counterintuitive. Some pieces of hardware don’t work consistently. Worse, you still have to pay a $10 monthly fee just to use some of the basic features of the system.”

The Verdict…

“To make this system worth it, you’d need to invest in devices, pay a monthly fee for the app, spend a lot of time setting up rules and schedules, and have the patience to resync devices whenever they lose their connection. You’d be doing all of that while gambling that Lowe’s Iris gets the upgrades it needs without undoing any of your progress, and given how the last major upgrade went, that doesn’t feel like a smart bet. If you like the potential of Lowe’s Iris, I recommend leaving it on store shelves for now to make sure you don’t get left behind when it does come to fruition. “