Using Alexa as a Home Security Device

I ran across a great article last month about using Alexa for your homes’ security. Here is a brief excerpt;

Using Alexa for Home Security is a Three Step Process

Although you might think of Alexa, Amazon Echo’s persona, as little more than a voice added to a Bluetooth speaker, the technology can help improve your home’s security. To get started, you will need to follow three simple steps:

  1. Select Your Alexa-Enabled Device
  2. Select Your Home Security Device
  3. Activate the Appropriate Alexa Skill

The author concludes…

I can’t say that Echo alone will improve your home’s security, but it does add value. Being able to quickly access devices or arm your security system with your voice is more efficient than finding your phone, unlocking it, and opening the appropriate app. In regards to which Echo device is best, my overall pick would be Echo Dot which you can order online or through your existing device by saying, “Alexa, order an Echo Dot”.

Dot provides all of the same home security features as its more expensive counterparts. The only sacrifice is audio quality, and if you’re a music buff, I can promise you that not even the full-sized Echo is going to satisfy your need for sound. Your best bet is to connect the device you choose to a “real” speaker via Bluetooth or an audio cable.

As mentioned above, Tap, Plus, and Spot are also good options for home security. Tap offers battery backup, though you can buy a battery for Dot. Plus offers a built-in smart home hub, and Spot offers video calls and the option to stream footage from several home security cameras yet sells for less than Echo Show.

Alongside the concerns I’ve already shared, I’ll share one more. The hardest part of effectively using Echo is remembering what to say. The more you integrate Alexa into your life, the more phrases you have to remember, and the more complicated it becomes. And trust me, she isn’t always forgiving, which can be frustrating.